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Rainwater Harvesting

Across the Uk at the present moment in time we have had and seen our fair share of rainwater which we take for granted. If we have the same extreme conditions in the summer of no rainfall, there could be chances of hose pipe bands and shortage of water. So why not think about storing the rainwater we have now which could be put to good use.The biggest advantage would be that water collection is free and you can use your stored rainwater in your home and garden saving you money on waterbills. wE have a wide selection of products which are designed simply for water storage. Ecosure Water Butts are designed and manufactured making them tough and durable using a high grade of plastic. They are rotaionally molded instead of injection molded so that they will last longer. Our selection includes Ecosure Slimlines, that are slim and able to fit along your garden wall, down a side alley, beside a shed or greenhouse which are aimed for those who have limited space. Our shaped water butts and circular butts also range in sizes and can look a decorative part of your garden. If you are a business looking commercial rain water collection, see our rainwater harvesting systems designed for commercial purposes.

Rainwater can really be benificial and especially for you garden lovers, your plants and vegetables will need a lot of water, so use rainwater which is much better for them than treated drinking water. You can use your rainwater collection from your water butt even when theres a hose pipe ban. You can use the water for many other things that you normally use your tap water for; such as washing your car, washing your windows, cleaning the patio or driveway. Also rainwater can be used for those who have a fish pond or water features in your garden that need continous flowing water to keep the pond maintained. Our rainwater harvesting systems also can be used for household appliances such as your washing machine or dishwasher. With the right UV filteration systems you can use your saved water for showering, flushing the toilet and can be setup for having drinking water.








Etills Ltd has been assessed and approved according to quality management system
ISO 9001:2008; the manufacture and supply of rotationally molded plastic tanks.
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