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Potable Water Tanks
Take a look at our wide range of potable water tanks that are made from wras approved polymers which are suitable to hold drinking water.

Tank Shop

See our storage tanks for your garden, large underground storage tanks and many other tanks suitable for other chemicals other than water.

Garden Water Butts

Our Garden Collection includes many plastic tanks, water tanks, water butts, water butts for the garden, rainwater harvesting systems and many more...

Water Butt

At Rapid Plumbing we supply Water Butts that are ideal for sliding behind sheds, greenhouse or just for slipping down the side of you house/building.

Rainwater Harvesting

Are you looking for a Rainwater Harvesting Tank? A Water Butt ? or just general Information on Rainwater Harvesting?

Water Butts

We have a wide selection of water butts that come in many sizes, shapes and colour's. Our premium range of water butts are unlike any other existing water butts on the market as they are made to be thicker than the standard water butt you will find in your local super market or garden centre. We aim to give our customers a quality end result. All of our plastic products are UK made and made to last.

Water Butt Stands

Garden Edging

Water Butt Stand Water Butt Stand 350 Litres Water Butt Stand 400 Litres
Water Butt Stand
For 280 Litres
Water Butt Stand
for 350 Litres
Water Butt Stand
For 400 Litres

Garden Edging

Garden Edging - See our New and upcoming collection


Insulated Water Tanks

1070 Litre Insulated Tank Insulated Water Tank 1340 Litre Insulated Water Butt 1500 Litre Insulated Tank 1850 Litre Insulated Tank

Insulated water tanks come with a high grade polyurethane foam with a standard thickness of 25-30mm. This set foam is predominantly closed-cell rigid and is thermally stable between -30°C and 100°C. The outer tank ensures that the insulation is fully encapsulated and protected from external conditions to prevent degradation of the foam. The covered bund also prevents the collection of debris and rainwater.


Practical Water Butts
Stylish Water Butts
Small Water Butts
Large Water Butts
Slimline Water Butts

Water Tanks

Aboveground Tanks
Underground Tanks
Potable Water Tanks
Small Water Tanks
Large Water Tanks


Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Collection is simple, free of maintenance, environmently friendly and a way of saving you money on water. When thinking about harvesting your rainwater you don't have to think big and expensive. You can save as much or as little as you want to and it really depends on what you want to use the water for. Many people just store and save water in a standard size water butt and use it to feed their garden. However if you are thinking of a larger rainwater system whether its aboveground or belowground then we can supply you with a rainwater harvesting system that meets your requirements.

Our Rainwater storage tanks are all manufactured by ourselves and we have a huge water storage tank selection that gives you many different size options for water storage. For more information on our rainwater systems call our dedicated sales team on 0871 200 2082 who can give you technical advice and information on all of our rainwater harvesting systems. We are very competitive in our prices and aim to give you the best deals and offers on all of our products.


Rainwater is something that many third world countries fail to see much of. In the UK we see plenty of rainfall throughout the year and thats why we have such healthy plantations, livestock, agricultural farms and a continuous drinking supply of water in our homes and elsewhere. However when we have rain are we making the most of the rain fall? Or could we make even better use of it? Well did you know that the average roof top collects around 85,000 litres of water a year. When you think about it thats a lot of water that gets wasted away that could be used and collected for your purposes and needs. Yes also this will save you money on your water bills and depending on how much you use and save is to how much you will be saving.

Rainwater can be used for your home and garden, for irrigation, for farming and agricultural purposes and can be used for drinking water. The rainwater will need filteration from roomtops as they do contain bird faeces, moss and other debris. However if you are looking at turning your rainwater into drinking water it will need UV filteration and then it will need to be purified to reduce the chances of parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungi. Remember unsafe drinking water can contain waterbourne diseases and other diseases that can be very harmful to your health.

There are many things that you can use rainwater for around the home and garden such as feeding and maintaining your garden as rainwater is always better for your garden than tap water as it will not contain all the filteration chemicals which tap water has. Rainwater can be used for simple things such as washing your car, windows, patio and cleaning your conservatory roof. Also with one of our Ecosure rainwater harvesting systems you can use it for flushing your toilet or using it for certain kitchen appliances. It will need filteration however but once the system is in place imagine how much money you will be saving.

Average of Litres We Use


Bath water

80 Litres


Average Shower

30 - 35 litres


Average Shower (using power shower)


Single Toilet Flush

8 - 9 Litres


General Water Use

25 - 30 Litres


Washine Machine

60 Litres



40 Litres

Watering the Garden using a Watering Can

7 - 9 litres (per full can)

Car Wash using a Bucket (avg 1hr wash)

15 Litres

Car Wash Hose using a Hose(avg 1hr wash)

540 Ltr/Hr

Saving Water

We use 70% more water today than we did 40 years By redusing our water usage we will: Save money Reduse the possiblity of a drought, which will lead to a hosepipe ban. Reduse the damage which is done to wildlife in wetlands, reservoir and rivers.

Ecosure manufacture a wide and various range of water butts and water tanks from many different sizes, colours and styles. Ecosure has a popular water butt range that include the popular sellers such as the slimline water butts that are ideal for sliding into easy and tight spaces and the tall Ecopillar water butts which take up very little ground footprint. Each water butt is made using quality industrial strength plastic and are made to be extra thicker than standard water butts.

See an extensive range of water tanks that range in size from 85 litres to 20,000 litres of water. Ideal for rainwater harvesting, general water storage and also see a new range of potable water tanks.

Ecosure Saving Water Tips

- The First Tip is by using a water butt or water tanks to collect the rainwater from your rooftop, rather than using and wasting treated water to feed your garden which costs. - If you need more water once you have used the limit of your water butt. Buy other water butts and link them together - Keep your gutters clear of leaves etc so that all of the water falls down to your water butt and not elsewhere. - If you use a hosepipe make sure that the nozzle is secure and tight and that water is not running out unnecessarily. - Always check the weather forcast before planning on watering your garden. There would be no point in feeding your garden if it is about to rain. - Make sure that you water your plants either early in the morning or evening so that there is less water to evaporate. - Direct the water to the roots of the plant rather than on top so that the plant receives the full amount. - Make sure you insulate all out side taps and pipes to prevent the water from freezing and causing leaks and bursts in the pipes.

Hosepipe Bands

When there is a drought, dry spells and lack of rainfall it is hard to keep ontop of watering your garden, however when it leads to hosepipe bands it really then starts to affect everyone and it hits hard for garden lovers and vegetable growers. Keeping your garden healthy starts to be a even bigger task and an expensive one if your relying on the mains water. So Ecosure urges you to save your own water and this can be in a water butt or water tank. With your water butt there are no restrictions! You can attach your hosepipe and your well away and the hosepipe band may affect your neighbours, but you will still have that healthly looking garden!

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Wizard Log Heads

See Ecosures collection of Wizard log heads! They make fun garden planters or they can be a garden seat for adults and children or can just be used as a garden ornament and decor in your garden. They come in a fantastic colour selection and they all have their own names!

Wizard Log Heads

Wizard Log Head Uncle Phil Wizard Log Head Max Wizard Log Head Neil Wizard Log Head Bridget Wizard Log Head Davina Wizard Log Head James Wizard Log Head Henry
Wizard Log Head
Wizard Log Head
Wizard Log HeadNeil
Wizard Log Head
Wizard Log Head
Wizard Log Head
Wizard Log Head




Etills Ltd has been assessed and approved according to quality management system
ISO 9001:2008; the manufacture and supply of rotationally molded plastic tanks.
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Ecosure water butts
At Ecosure you will find a wide range of eco friendly environmental and commercial products, including (large or small, Steel or Plastic) Water Butts, bunded oil tanks, waste oil tanks, fuel dispensers, underground tanks and drum pallets/bunds with spill wells. We also provide bulk liquid storage tanks, IBC bunds, safety flooring
Rainwater Tanks
This is where we can help you! We supply and manufacturer rainwater tanks from small to large and in many shapes and colours. All of our rainwater tanks are made here on site in the Uk which allows us to offer you a fast delivery service and a quality rainwater tank.
Water Tanks
This is your one stop shop for all your water storage tanks. We have a wide range of water tanks instock from 5 litre up to 75,000 litre.
Water Tank Shop
Our fantastic range includes water tanks from 5 litres up to 75,000 litres. We also make bespoke tanks from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), this means we can manufacture a water tank to meet your specific needs and requirments. Our range includes water tanks, potable water tanks, water butts, rainwater harvesting tanks and more...

Water Butts Etills
Many of our products are ideal to fit into small spaces however, if you have a small garden then you may not want a large water tank in your garden so we have a range of underground water tanks ideal for storing large amounts of water out of sight.

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